Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine is a powerful resource. When used as part of an integrative strategy, traditional medical interventions like pharmacotherapy and sound therapy can yeild powerful results in terms of tinnitus relief. 

Here’s a look at the range of traditional medicine techniques we use at NeuroMed.

Pharmaceutical Therapy

While embracing a holistic approach to wellness, NeuroMed recognizes the valuable role that pharmaceutical therapy can play in accelerating your healing process. 

Our treatment philosophy rests on the understanding that medications can offer significant benefits when utilized judiciously and in combination with our comprehensive approach. 

Our pharmaceutical strategies were developed and validated by Dr. Djalilian at his academic center. These have since been published in multiple medical journals and have helped hundreds of patients recover from the burden of tinnitus.

The key thing to understand is that pharmaceutical therapy is only one component of an integrated strategy towards brain health. We approach this therapy with a deliberate and measured strategy. Our objective is to harness the benefits of medication while minimizing the likelihood of adverse side effects.

The primary goal of pharmaceutical therapy is to balance the neurotransmitters in your brain, both to decrease tinnitus intensity and to create a neural environment that is optimized for healing. 

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Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is a validated tinnitus treatment modality from traditional medicine. Numerous clinical trials prove that the integration of sound therapy can help provide improved tinnitus relief. 

As part of your NeuroMed membership, you get free access to the Beyond Tinnitus sound therapy app. Using this app, you can create customized tinnitus masking sound files that can be integrated into your overall rehabilitation program. 

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Imaging Studies

Tinnitus is a brain disorder. Sometimes, we find it necessary to get brain imaging as part of a comprehensive work up. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) can be an invaluable tool in diagnosing, monitoring, and predicting the prognosis of certain cases of tinnitus.

The MRI is only used in select cases where we need to evaluate the hearing and balance nerve. It can also be helpful in cases where severe headaches are an associated symptom. 

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Sleep Studies

Sleep studies, also known as polysomnography, are comprehensive tests that record the activity of various body systems during sleep. These include the brain, eye movements, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, body movement, and more. 

The goal of a sleep study is to identify potential abnormalities or disruptions in these patterns that could contribute to your tinnitus severity. 

Sleep apnea causes people to stop breathing while sleeping. At NeuroMed, we can order an at-home sleep test to diagnose sleep apnea if certain risk factors are present in your clinical history. If the test is positive, we can facilitate treatment initiation. 

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Hearing Tests

Hearing tests can help with tinnitus treatment by identifying the cause and severity of your tinnitus, as well as any hearing loss that may be associated with it. 

A hearing test can help identify ear infections, earwax buildup, loud noise exposure, hearing loss, medications, or even certain blood vessel disorders.

You don't need a hearing test to start treatment, but we will request that you obtain one shortly after enrolling. In general, tinnitus patients should have hearing tests performed annually. 

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Traditional Medicine for Tinnitus Relief

When treating tinnitus at NeuroMed, we use an integrated rehabilitation approach that combines traditional medicine techniques with alternative and lifestyle therapies. 

To schedule an appointment at NeuroMed Virtual Clinic, call us at 1-888-226-6330 or request an appointment online. 

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