Integrative Medicine: A New Approach to Health

Integrative medicine is a holistic approach to healthcare that integrates the best of medicine into a single approach.  Instead of relying on either traditional or alternative medicine strategies, integrative medicine combines the best of both approaches to achieve optimal recovery. 

The NeuroMed Solution: Integrative Medicine in Action

The NeuroMed Solution, developed under the guidance of Dr. Djalilian, is a revolutionary approach to managing tinnitus and related neurological disorders. It exemplifies the principles of integrative medicine, seamlessly combining cutting-edge technology with a profound understanding of neuroscience.

The NeuroMed Solution is based on the Integrative Neurosensory Rehabilitation (INR) protocol which was developed at the University of California, Irvine, to treat chronic brain conditions, such as tinnitus, migraines, and vertigo.

Born out of Dr. Djalilian's extensive clinical experience and research, the INR protocol provides a comprehensive and personalized health solution for those with tinnitus.

Comprehensive Assessment

The first step in the NeuroMed Solution is a comprehensive neurological assessment that offers a detailed evaluation of your neurological health.

The assessment delves deep into your tinnitus symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle factors, aiming to identify the root causes of your condition.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Following the assessment, the NeuroMed team develops a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Our treatment plans incorporate the latest advances in neuroscience and technology along with complementary therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness meditation, and nutraceuticals.

Our protocol emphasizes cognitive restructuring and rehabilitation, training the mind to help you better manage your tinnitus. The overall goal is to give you lasting tinnitus relief and improve your overall health and quality of life.

As patients progress through their treatment plan, adjustments are made as needed to ensure the best possible outcomes. Most people achieve clinical success in the first 8 weeks, when the program is most intensive. This is followed by several monthly visits designed to optimize your success and ensure that your results are long lasting.

The NeuroMed Solution is a manifestation of integrative medicine in action, providing a comprehensive and personalized approach to tinnitus care. 

Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine is a scientific art cultivated through generations of physicians and researchers. It is an essential part of our approach at NeuroMed, providing you with the best care and treatment for your tinnitus.

At NeuroMed, we rely on traditional medicine in several key interventions, including our pharmaceutical strategy, applied neuroscience techniques, and sound therapy protocols. We harness the power of traditional medicine to accelerate your healing process.

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Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine refers to therapies originally developed outside of the realm of conventional medicine. However, this does not mean they are less effective! Many therapies once considered alternative are now in the medical mainstream. At NeuroMed, these interventions include nutraceutical therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and mindfulness meditation. 

Alternative medicine offers a range of potential benefits for individuals seeking a more holistic approach to health and wellness. All alternative medicine approaches we use are scientifically validated and backed by the highest levels of clinical evidence. At NeuroMed, we combine the best of medicine  to help you find relief. 

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Lifestyle Therapy

Lifestyle medicine primarily involves changes in your diet, sleep, and activity levels.  We all know we should eat better and exercise more, but lifestyle medicine is more than this. It involves adopting the perspective that diet and exercise changes are true medical interventions. These changes are prescribed as if they were medicines.  

Many get discouraged when they hear this because they’ve tried to make healthy changes in the past and fell short. That is why wellness coaching techniques are incorporated into the NeuroMed Solution.  

We know change is hard, but we’ve accounted for this and integrated the power of coaching to help you implement our lifestyle change prescriptions.  With ongoing support and motivation, the challenges that may appear while reaching your health goals will become easier to overcome. 

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Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching techniques are the key to bringing together our integrative approach and treatment for tinnitus. Implementing lifestyle medicine changes is foundational in managing chronic tinnitus, vertigo, and related disorders. Wellness coaching is what will ensure your success!

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