Hearing Tests

At NeuroMed, we order hearing tests for our tinnitus patients. Hearing tests can help with tinnitus treatment by identifying the cause and severity of your tinnitus, as well as any hearing loss that may be associated with it.

A hearing test can help identify the possible cause of your tinnitus. This can include ear infections, earwax buildup, loud noise exposure, hearing loss, medications, or blood vessel disorders.

NeuroMed stands at the forefront of holistic neurological care and recognizes the intrinsic link between tinnitus and brain health. Our integrative approach is designed to address tinnitus from multiple angles, and hearing tests serve as an essential diagnostic cornerstone in this strategy.

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

Our traditional medicine approach is anchored in accurate diagnosis. A diagnostic hearing evaluation is a comprehensive hearing test that can determine the type and degree of hearing loss and its underlying causes.

Hearing tests, such as audiograms, play a pivotal role in evaluating your auditory health. The audiogram assesses your ability to perceive sounds across different frequencies in a soundproof room. It helps identify any hearing loss that may contribute to your tinnitus.

What to Expect

During your audiogram, you will wear earphones that transmit specific sounds into one ear at a time, and you will indicate when you can hear them. Your results are then compared with normal hearing levels for your age. This can help rule out or identify possible causes of tinnitus, such as hearing loss or damage to the inner ear.

Movement and Its Connection to Tinnitus

Even seemingly subtle indicators can reveal valuable insights when working out the complexities of neurological health. During your assessment, your provider might ask you to perform specific movements, such as eye motions, jaw clenching, or neck movements.

Pay attention to how your tinnitus responds during these movements. Any changes or worsening of your tinnitus might signal involvement of the trigeminal nerve which indicates that brain sensitivity disorder is present. 

Insights for Diagnosis

There is a predictable hearing loss pattern associated with tinnitus. However, if the pattern is different, it may prompt us to order further tests.

Tinnitus presents as a unique auditory experience, and the specific sounds you perceive can reveal valuable clues about its underlying origins.

At NeuroMed, we look for these auditory signatures, which play an instrumental role in pinpointing potential causes.

Clicking: This type of sound could hint at muscle contractions near your ear. This observation guides us toward potential sources tied to muscle activity, helping us narrow down our diagnostic approach.

Pulsing, Rushing, or Humming: These sounds often find roots in blood vessel-related causes. For instance, elevated blood pressure can lead to such sounds, which may be particularly noticeable while exercising or changing position.

Low-Pitched Ringing: This type of sound may point to obstructions in the ear canal, fluid behind the ear drum, blood flow changes to the ear, or stiffness in the inner ear bones (otosclerosis).

High-Pitched Ringing: This is the most commonly heard tinnitus sound. It can be caused by factors such as exposure to loud noises, age-related hearing loss, certain medications, or conditions such as acoustic neuroma.

Our patient-centered approach ensures that we view these auditory signatures as vital clues, guiding us toward precision diagnostics and tailored treatments for you.

Hearing Tests and Holistic Health

At NeuroMed, we understand that your tinnitus experience is unique. By immersing ourselves in your hearing story, we gain a more comprehensive understanding of your overall health and how it relates to your symptoms.

Hearing Tests for Tinnitus

At NeuroMed, hearing tests are vital to our approach to treating tinnitus. They allow us to identify the cause and severity of your symptoms and create a custom treatment plan.

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