Here’s How We Lowered The Volume Of Tinnitus For Over 2,000 People

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The constant aggravation of tinnitus can make you feel like it’s impossible to function at your highest level. You’ve tried “treatments” that don’t deliver and have been told repeatedly that nothing can be done.
eliminate the distractions

If you are ready to eliminate the distractions of tinnitus
and restore your quality of life, the first step is evaluating your tinnitus.

With our free Tinnitus Assessment, based on 20 years of clinical and academic research that has helped over 2,000 patients with their tinnitus, you can understand your tinnitus’s severity and make an informed decision about how to treat it.

What people say about Tinnitus Assessment:

The Struggle Of Living With Tinnitus

The Struggle Of Living With Tinnitus

Daily life with tinnitus can range from aggravating to impossible. With that persistent ringing and buzzing following you through your work day, family time, and when you try to relax, it can be challenging to be fully present for yourself and those you love.

You’ve given your money to the snake oil salesmen, spent lots of money on the newest gadget, listened to physicians gloss over your problem, bristled at every well-meaning “I guess you just have to live with it” speech, and all but given up hope.

But you can find relief.

Start by learning more about your tinnitus symptoms and treatment possibilities with our Tinnitus Assessment.

Why Our Assessment Matters

Why Our Assessment Matters

20 years of clinical and academic research have gone into our multifaceted approach to understanding and treating tinnitus, and our unique telehealth solution offers our proven, personalized protocol that has helped over 2,000 patients find relief from their tinnitus. It all starts with our assessment.

Through this comprehensive assessment, you’ll gain insights about your unique tinnitus profile, empowering you to make informed decisions about your next steps and whether the NeuroMed Solution is right for you.

Meet Hamid Djalilian, MD, Neurotology

Creator of the NeuroMed Tinnitus Rehabilitation Program and Assessment

Meet Hamid Djalilian, MD, Neurotology
Dr. Hamid Djalilian

Dr. Djalilian is an internationally recognized expert with more than 20 years of experience in the treatment of tinnitus and brain sensitivity disorders and is currently the Chief Medical Advisor for NeuroMed Tinnitus Clinic.

Renowned for his tinnitus expertise and groundbreaking clinical protocols to treat tinnitus, Dr. Djalilian led his team at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) to a fundamental discovery:

Tinnitus is a brain sensitivity problem, not just an ear problem. 

This discovery ushered in the development of an all-new protocol for the treatment of tinnitus, validated by formal clinical trials at UCI and bringing relief to close to 90% of those who’ve completed it. By developing this treatment, patients who had been brushed off by other medical experts were finally finding relief.

Based on this research, Dr. Djalilian and his team developed the Tinnitus Assessment to reveal the impact tinnitus has on the daily lives of tinnitus sufferers, assess how to best help them find relief, and prepare them to commit to their recovery.

Dr. Djalilian Mentions

What people say about

Tinnitus Assessment:

Emma Reynolds
"I’m more equipped to address my tinnitus."
The assessment opened my eyes to how my tinnitus affects the various aspects of my life. Now I feel more equipped to address it head-on.
Emma Reynolds
Nathan Patel
"I booked a pre-enrollment call right away."
This was a great introduction to the NeuroMed team. Refreshing to see a science-backed approach to tinnitus. I booked the pre-enrollment call right away.
Nathan Patel
“Surprised to learn something new.”
I’ve done deep dives on the tinnitus problem, so I was surprised to learn something completely new. It’s given me a clearer understanding of what steps I need to take next. Worth it.
Isabella Chang
Connor O'Brien
“I am truly amazed...”
Great reality check. It’s prompted me to take a more proactive approach to my T.
Connor O'Brien
Amelia Santos
“This assessment is a game changer.”
Learning about the functional domains deepend my appreciation of how bad the problem has become. I also appreciated the tinnitus management tips from Dr. Djalilian.
Amelia Santos
Elijah Kim
“Absolutely worth the effort.”
Definitely worth the effort, not like the other “tinnitus quiz” shams out there. Nice to see Dr. Djalilian’s videos, clearly he knows what he’s doing.
Elijah Kim
Mia Thompson
“I thought I had tried everything...”
This was a wake-up call for me. I may not join the program, but at least now I know what it’s going to take.
Mia Thompson
“I had just about given up hope...”
It was like the missing puzzle pieces were finally put in front of me. Thanks Dr. Hamid!
Landon Hughes
“I had just about given up hope...”
Never understood the migraine connection until now. It was like a free consultation… I’m going to give them a try!
Avery Cooper

Dr. Djalilian Training

  • University of Minnesota
  • Minnesota Ear, Head & Neck Clinic
(Fellowship Training)

Professional Organizations

  • Migraine in Otolaryngology Society President


  • UC Irvine Division Director
  • University of Illinois (Former faculty)
  • Cedars Sinai Medical Center (Former faculty)
  • UCLA (Former faculty)
  • University of Minnesota (Former faculty)
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Tinnitus Relief Does Exist

It may feel like you’ve tried everything – that your frustration has been ignored and that you will have to “just live with” tinnitus…

But tinnitus doesn’t have to rule your life!

Take your first step toward finding relief with our Tinnitus Assessment. 

Questions? Answers.

The Tinnitus Assessment comprises 15 questions and typically requires no more than 10 minutes to complete.
The Tinnitus Assessment incorporates both the Modified Tinnitus Functional Index and the Tinnitus Readiness to Change Questionnaire. The former assesses the severity of your tinnitus and its impact on various aspects of your life, while the latter provides feedback on the appropriate level of intervention.
No, the Tinnitus Assessment is provided free of charge.
Upon completion of the assessment, you will be directed to a page featuring a personalized video explanation of your tinnitus severity by Dr. Djalilian. Additionally, you will have the option to access a text version of the results with a detailed description. You’ll also receive an email with a link to the results page, along with other useful information.
Yes, you are welcome to take the Tinnitus Assessment as many times as you wish.
While the assessment categorizes the severity of your tinnitus, the recommendations offered are general in nature and apply to individuals with similar severity levels. It’s important to note that these recommendations do not constitute direct medical advice.
The Modified Tinnitus Functional Index evaluates the severity of tinnitus based on its effects on eight different functional domains of your life.
Certainly, following the assessment, you’ll be invited to schedule a complimentary Pre-Enrollment Consultation to further discuss your results and explore potential treatment options with NeuroMed.
Yes, your responses are securely stored in compliance with the Health Information and Privacy Protection Act (HIPPA), ensuring confidentiality. Your data will not be shared with any third parties.
Yes, by taking the Tinnitus Assessment, you authorize NeuroMed to contact you via email regarding your test results.

About NeuroMed

Our program is the most comprehensive approach to treating tinnitus in existence. After 20 years of tinnitus research, Dr. Djalilian has discovered the reason tinnitus becomes loud and bothersome in people. Treating the process that causes the tinnitus to become loud and bothersome leads to significant improvement of the tinnitus to a point where it is not noticeable during the day. This requires addressing the multitude of triggers for tinnitus, using nutraceuticals and medications when needed, and using internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy and sound therapy.
No! There has been tremendous progress in research on tinnitus in the last few years. We now understand that tinnitus becomes loud and bothersome due to processes in the brain. Dr. Djalilian has identified those causes and has been successfully treating tinnitus with this new treatment regimen. On average, it takes 17 years from the time a new treatment is discovered until it is practiced by 50% of physicians. Fortunately, you are finding out about this in the early stages.
We currently operate in 12 states and are expanding rapidly to cover all 50 states in the nation.
Yes! Our success rates prove that we can help with tinnitus based on clinical results of the thousands of patients who have seen Dr. Djalilian at his academic practice center.